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Health Benefits of Walking

Javan Ndonga; Assistant Manager, Finance


Gift of Walking: It is the first milestone endowed on human babies before all others. Walking enables mobility and the attendant freedom of doing things for and by yourself. We must never take it for granted.

Personal Challenge: Having a high BMI (Body Mass Index) I was not doing well health-wise especially in 2017. This was mainly due to my sedentary lifestyle occasioned by long hours of sitting to do office work right from a young age. However, the demise of some of my close friends due to lifestyle related ailments was my wake-up call. I sought advice from my doctor who recommended frequent walking as an exercise; I have never looked back. I have taken up brisk walking especially over the weekends with much gusto.

Maintaining a healthy weight and lose body fat, prevention or managing various conditions such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and Improved cardiovascular fitness are some of the benefits of brisk walking. Others may include strengthened bones and muscles, increased energy levels and a strengthened immune system in  general.

Personal Outcome: As a result of walking daily, I have been able to shed of quite a significant amount of excess weight making me feel much lighter. With this reinvigorated psychic and exuberance, I remain optimistic that I would live into my 90s. You actually need just about 30 minutes of daily brisk walking and you are good to go. Walking alongside a companion makes it even easier with much fun.

Challenge to my colleagues: If Strenuous exercises is not for you, then try walking. You will still loose the same calories as someone who jogs. The trick is to be consistent. Don’t ever strain lest you will give up.  It is a journey and a lifestyle, not a sprint. Don’t ever compare yourself with anyone no matter what. Just Do your thing, walk at your pace and enjoy the ride called Life.

And oh! I love swimming too.